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Account management

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Account Management

  • Want to sell on Amazon (or sell MORE) but not sure you have the time or knowledge about how to set up, manage and monitor your Seller Central account?  At Revanth Infotech, we provide an all-inclusive Amazon account management service where we will run your account for you.  This includes:
  • Amazon Account Manager - To start with we provide you with a Single Point of Contact, to address all your queries and who manages your operations; end-to-end
  • Depending upon the product you deal in, we help you choose the destination Online Market Places and then register your business on those.
  • List the new SKUs and keep the content updated.
  • Inventory updation & Optimization - We ensure every single unit that you allocate for Online is used optimally.
  • We process the Daily Orders on the seller centrals of all the Market Places where you choose to sell.
  • Labels - We give you ready – to – print stacks of Invoices & Shipping labels sorted by the platform, to keep it simple for you.
  • Shipping Assistance – Booking the Logistics partner through the Market place or for direct shipments.
  • Payments Reconciliation – by each order – because we know the importance of the cash flow in your business.
  • We keep a keen eye on your Ratings across the platform; address the primary customer queries for you.
  • Promotions – Assistance in understanding their impact on your revenue and profitability.
  • Periodic Reports to enable better decision making.
  • We also manage Amazon FBA accounts,Flipkart Advantage accounts and Snapdeal Plus service accounts
  • So if you need help with managing your account and in general with selling more or operating more efficiently on Amazon, reach out to our team and we'll go over ways we can help and answer any questions you might have.